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Global Citizens Passion to Serve

Key Focus

  • Promote a student-centred teaching and learning environment
  • Promote students’ understanding and appreciation of the Humanities through fieldtrips, experiential journeys and inquiry teaching and learning
  • Foster a learning and sharing culture among all teachers in the department

Department Photo

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Key Curriculum Approach 2018

  • Curriculum Integration & Innovation 
  • Holistic Education
  • Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) & ICT-enriched lessons
  • Lesson Study
  • Differentiated Learning & Assessment

2018 Staff Deployment

Name of Staff
Humanities Teaching Subjects
Mrs Aw-Yong Hui Peng (HOD Humanities)
Upper/Lower Secondary Geography
Upper Secondary Social Studies 
Ms Chee Ai Lan (Senior HOD) Upper Secondary Social Studies
Mr Koh Chuen Kiang (Senior Teacher, Geography) Upper Secondary Geography
Ms Veronica Lam Shy Wei Upper & Lower Secondary Geography
Mr Mohamad Fariz Tajularus Upper Secondary Social Studies
Mr Mohamed Nazri Mohamed Yusuf
Lower & Upper Secondary Geography
Upper Secondary Social Studies
Ms Michelle Tan
Lower & Upper Secondary Geography
Ms Sherlene Ng Xue Li
Upper & Lower Secondary Geography
Ms Clara Teo
Upper Secondary Social Studies
Ms Ang Hui Ling
Upper Secondary Social Studies

Mr Syed Muhd Ali Aljunied  

Upper Secondary Social Studies 
Lower Secondary History 
Mr Leon Foo Yong-Wen 
Upper Secondary Social Studies
Lower Secondary History 
Ms Jwen Lim  
Lower Secondary History  

Mr Mohamed Nor Azlan Ismail

Lower Secondary Social Studies
Lower Secondary History

Mr Ahmad Zaharan (AED)  

Upper & Lower Secondary Social Studies 

Academic Enrichment Programmes 2018

  • T1 Week 2: Sec 2ENA Historical Investigation
  • T1 Week 4: Sec 1E/NA Geographical Investigation @WGSS
  • T1 Week 6: Sec 4NA Geographical Investigation
  • T2 Week 2: WGSS Model United Nations
  • Jun Hols: Sec 4E Geographical Investigation
  • T3 Week 3: Sec 1ENA Historical Investigation
  • T3 Week 4: Sec 2ENA Geographical Investigation

Competitions 2018

Professional Development

  • Syllabuses Updates - Workshops, Content Lectures, Seminars
  • I&I
  • Teaching and Learning Sessions 
  • N7 Humanities IPSG Sharing
  • Conferences
Last updated: 5 February 2018