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MId Autumn Festival 2016
Woodgrove Secondary School celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival on Wednesday, 14th September 2016, at the Basketball Court. The event was jointly organised by the Mother Tongue Department Chinese Language Unit & Partnership Committee. The objective of the celebration was to promote awareness and appreciation of ethnic traditions amongst our students and staff of different races, as well as to foster closer ties with our partners.
CCAL Handover Ceremony
The CCAL Handover Ceremony was held on 14th April 2016. The ceremony involves 17 CCAs, comprising the Uniformed Groups (UGs), Performing Arts, Clubs, and Sports. The ceremony serves as a good platform to acknowledge and recognise our past CCA Chairpersons’ contributions to their respective CCAs and give a warm welcome to our incoming Chairpersons.
Speech Day
2nd April 2016 was a day where all Woodgrovers, students, staff, parents and partners came together to celebrate and remember the achievements of the past year as we look forward to the challenges ahead. The day started off with a bang with the lion dancers from our WGS Modern Dance welcoming our guest-of-honour, Mr Welch Koh Tiong Gee, Managing Director of Dr. WHO Waterworks Private Limited, who is also our School Advisory Committee (SAC) member and distinguished guests and our school leaders.
Maritime Experiential Programme
On 20 May, students from 3N1 and 3N2 participated in a Maritime Experiential Programme (MEP) hosted by the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF). This programme complements the WGS Education and Career Guidance syllabus by helping students better understand the maritime sector and the myriad of maritime career options it offers.
International Friendship Day
International Friendship Day (IFD) was observed on the 5th, 8th and 22nd April this year with the theme, “ASEAN”. A range of activities were planned for students and staff to examine how communities in Southeast Asia are connected through cultural, economic and geographical ties. This will help them to learn the value of maintaining good relations with our neighbours in the region.
Racial Harmony Day
The theme of this year’s RHD was ‘Cultural Heritage’, which specifically refers to various representations of the traditions, beliefs, values and lifestyles of previous generations. Hence the main aim of this year’s celebration was to get students to understand and respect the customs and traditions of the different races and religions that co-exist peacefully.
Mother Tongue Fortnight 2016
In August this year, the Mother Tongue Department organised the Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Fortnight Programme for our Secondary One to Secondary Three students. This programme is an MOE initiative to promote the use of Mother Tongue languages in schools. Our students participated in a plethora of engaging activities which aim to: 1) Provide an authentic learning experience for students to understand and appreciate the Chinese and Malay cultures respectively 2) Heighten the use of Mother Tongue languages beyond the classroom 3) Develop students’ interest in the learning of Mother Tongue languages