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WGS 4th Annual Cross Country Run 2016

Tired, happy faces dotted the finish line of the school’s 4th Annual Cross Country Run on 4th March 2016, which took place along the Woodlands Avenue 12 park connector. The race, which had more than 1200 participants, consisted of ‘B’ division (boys / girls), ‘C’ division (boys / girls) and staff/PSG/alumni categories. Each participant had to complete a distance of 3.88km. 
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Running a marathon is never easy, but the entire experience was definitely more uplifting with a great atmosphere. Having friends start the race together and end the run in celebration definitely contributed to a positive race experience. 

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Many of the participants enjoyed the race as it was a time for them to compete as a class and strive to win the Best Class Challenge Trophy. Amongst the staff/PSG/alumni, Ms Charlene Tan, Ms Chong Pei Fen, Mr Haqif as well as Mr Flavian crossed the finish line strongly to clinch the top 2 positions for their categories. On top of that, the Science department gave Humanities department a good fight and regained the trophy for the “Best Department Challenge”.

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B Division Girls (Top 3)
1st Venus Ang Rui Xuan 18:52.53
2nd Wee Xin Yi 19:09.06
3rd Chong Wen Hui 19:27.77

B Division Boys (Top 3)
1st Renneth Tan Zi Jun 15:08.05
2nd Asif Khaif B Jalal 15:20.62
3rd Sean Por 15:26.11

C Division Girls (Top 3)
1st Nur Saarah Nuha Bte Abdul 20:09.05
2nd Erny Maisarah Bte Rendra 21:39.31
3rd Chua Xi Lynn 22:50.04

C Division Boys (Top 3)
1st Chong Shao Kai Sky 16:17.66
2nd Abdul Shafi Anshari B Abdul A 12:26.70
3rd Muhammad Nurulhad B Jurimi 16:31.50

Cross Country04.jpg

The success of the WGS Cross Country Race over the years – with 2016 marking its four-year streak – clearly shows that students, staff and partners enjoy the race. 

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