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T & L Session 1

In T & L Session 1, Mdm Paramjit gave an overview on Assessment for Learning (AfL). She shared on how AfL Assessment for Learning can help students to learn, identify their learning gaps and close the gaps through clear, accurate and useful feedback given by the teacher.  

Mr Phillip Tan then recapitulated the 4 teaching techniques from
“Teach Like A Champion” that were shared last year during the T & L session 2, namely Cold Call, Wait Time, Ratio and Call And Response.  An additional 4 new teaching techniques, also from “Teach Like A Champion”, were shared by Mr Koh and Mr David Tang. The 4 new techniques were Begin with the End, No Opt Out, Right is Right and Do It Again.

The sharing session was followed by a department-based breakout session at various venues where teachers shared lesson plans which incorporated the 4 techniques learnt in the previous T & L session. This was followed by small group discussions within each department to study lesson plans and identify areas to infuse the 8 techniques, as well as discussing questions to promote Assessment for Learning in classroom teaching.


Mr Phillip Tan then concluded the T & L session by consolidating the day’s learning points.