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Racial Harmony Day

The theme of this year’s RHD was ‘Cultural Heritage’, which specifically refers to various representations of the traditions, beliefs, values and lifestyles of previous generations. Hence the main aim of this year’s celebration was to get students to understand and respect the customs and traditions of the different races and religions that co-exist peacefully.

IMG_6626_400x300.jpgThe RHD celebration this year was conducted throughout Term 3 Week 4 from 18 to 22 July 2016. It started daily at the parade square before morning assembly began where various ethnic instrumental songs reverberated throughout the parade square to signify the Racial Harmony Week. Then, specifically on Monday, 18 July, VP2, Mrs Audrey Lim shared with the school her take on RHD and what it personally meant to her. This was followed by a singing performance by Nureen (4E4) who sang a Chinese song, much to the appreciation of all Woodgrovers. The following day, Tuesday, 19 July, Ms Mardiana from the Science Department also performed another Chinese song and received loud applause from the audience.


The final performance was the Traditional Ethnic Costume Parade on Thursday morning of 21 July 2016. NE Ambassadors and selected students from each Sec 1 and 2 class took part in the parade, accompanied by their Form Teachers. A wide selection of ethnic costumes was displayed, which included those of the Chinese, Indians, Arabs as well as those from Philippines, Japan, Korea and Thailand. On the same day, the annual RHD Food Fiesta was also held during both lower and upper recess sessions. Organised by the PSG Committee, Woodgrovers had a great time enjoying the various delicacies from various races.

IMG_6653_225x300.jpgCCE lessons for both lower and upper secondary classes focussed on the RHD theme. Utilising the In Section from the Straits Times - RHD Special edition, students worked collaboratively to find answers and pictures to the RHD-based clues and questions provided in a set of worksheet. 


This activity required every students to apply their skimming, scanning and detailed reading skills of the selected articles in the In Section to identify the correct pictures and answers to the given questions. Completed sets of worksheet were displayed in each classroom. This activity was highly engaging and students in each class were all kept occupied throughout the one and a half hour lesson. Form teachers were also seen taking part actively with the students, hence making the entire lesson a very meaningful one.