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International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day (IFD) was observed on the 5th, 8th and 22nd April this year with the theme, “ASEAN”. A range of activities were planned for students and staff to examine how communities in Southeast Asia are connected through cultural, economic and geographical ties. This will help them to learn the value of maintaining good relations with our neighbours in the region.

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During the CCE period on Wednesday, upper secondary students took the role of tour agencies and planned travel itineraries for holidays in the various ASEAN countries. This activity provided opportunities for the students to familiarise themselves with the attractions from each ASEAN countries and in doing so get to know more about what each country has to offer. For the lower secondary students, they were given photographs that depicted scenes of everyday life in ASEAN nations. Through this activity, the students learned to appreciate and understand the similarities and differences of the different countries in terms of housing, education, culture and national development.

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On Tuesday 5th April, a morning assembly programme was held to commemorate IFD. To start off the programme, two NE ambassadors shared on  the significance of International Friendship Day and the need for us to understand that strengthening the ASEAN identity through our cultural, economic and geographical ties with our neighbours, is a key means for Singapore to ensure our security. In addition, the NE ambassadors paraded the flags of the countries in ASEAN. NE ambassadors, Fidyana and Jaslyn shared on the significance and importance of the good relationships between ASEAN countries and Singapore.

Photo 3_400x300.jpgOn Friday 8th April, during the morning assembly, two students from 4E2, Adibah and Aisyah shared their VIA experiences in Chiangmai and Vietnam. The celebrations continued where six students including our very own Woodgrove AWESOME winner, Atiqah from 3N1, sang songs from other ASEAN countries.  

Photo 4_225x300.jpgOn 22nd April during Sports Day, the oNE committee set up a booth where students were given the opportunity to play a few traditional games such as five stones and chapteh. A ‘chapteh’ interclass competition was held for lower secondary students. Interestingly, many students showed interest in learning how to play the two games.

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The oNE Committee hopes that everyone enjoyed the International Friendship Day events and looks forward to organising more of such events in future.

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