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Gamelan Music Workshop

On 16 May 2016, 30 selected lower secondary students participated in the Indonesian Gamelan Workshop held at The Republic Cultural Centre Gamelan Studio.


 The workshop was conducted by instructors from Gamelan Asmaradana – Singapore’s first professional Gamelan ensemble and non-profit Arts company.

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The main aim of the workshop was to promote appreciation and awareness of the various styles of Indonesian gamelan music in Singapore, particularly the Javanese and Balinese styles. Through this workshop, Woodgrovers were able to learn and experience playing various Gamelan instruments – percussion instruments including metallophones, gongs and gong chimes. 


Students also practiced two Gamelan pieces and learnt how the pieces are cyclical in nature, with the balongan playing the main melody, while others act as elaborating or punctuating instruments to mark important points in each cycle.


Overall, Woodgrovers had a fruitful and enjoyable session. More importantly, the workshop helped students to understand the significance of teamwork and resilience in music-making.