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CCAL Handover Ceremony 2016

The CCAL Handover Ceremony was held on 14th April 2016. The ceremony involves 17 CCAs, comprising the Uniformed Groups (UGs), Performing Arts, Clubs, and Sports. 

Handover of CCA Tokens to Incoming Chairpersons_21.jpg

The ceremony serves as a good platform to acknowledge and recognise our past CCA Chairpersons’ contributions to their respective CCAs and give a warm welcome to our incoming Chairpersons.

Pinning of CCA Leader Badges for Incoming Chairpersons_21.jpg

 During the ceremony, the outgoing CCA Chairpersons presented a token to their incoming Chairpersons. Each token was a symbol of leadership, defined uniquely by the respective CCAs. 

Presentation of Certificates of Appreciation for the Outgoing CCA Leaders_21.jpg

After the handover of tokens, the teachers presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the outgoing Chairpersons, followed by the pinning of a collar pin on the incoming Chairpersons.  

It takes a Village to raise Leaders._21.jpg