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WGS Awesome Finals 2015

Woodgrove Awesome is a platform for students to showcase their performing talents to the school community on a competitive basis. Since its inception, many students have had a wonderful experience of undergoing the pressures of auditions and gruelling rehearsals in the quest for perfection. As a result, students cultivate values such as resilience, courage and even understand the importance of being a good role model as a performer.  

2015_WGS Awesome_Photo_2.jpg
Competition judges (from left): 
Mr Justin, Mrs Ong, and Mr Chee.

The 2015 edition was an extremely successful one, with an overwhelming response from students. A wide array of contestants turned up for the auditions–from solo guitarists, rappers, drummers, singers to even beatboxers.  The finals of the competition took place during assembly on the 31st of March, with the final ten finalists. The final winner was Natasha Lee, with her remake of Rip Tide by Vance Joy. Dance group Fabulous 9 and a duet by Dazed Petals were 2nd and 3rd respectively.  

2015_WGS Awesome_Photo_3.jpg
Our group acts – From duos to quartets to dance groups!

Definitely, Woodgrove Awesome 2015 was a great platform for Woodgrovers to experience performing in front of others. More importantly, this friendly competition inculcated positive school values such as resilience, teamwork, and responsibility in the performers.

2015_WGS Awesome_Photo_4.jpg
Our brave solo acts performed confidently on stage.

1st prize: Natasha Lee

2nd prize: Fabulous Nine (Gwen, Zul, Dingal, Crystal, Geraldine, Laila, Adilah, Yi Ling, Eileen)

3rd prize: Dazed Petals (Mus’ab & Mahiir)


2015_WGS Awesome_Photo_5.jpg

After a few days of voting, Natasha Lee was crowned
 the winner of Woodgrove Awesome 2015!

Consolation prizes (in no particular order):

(a) Afif

(b) Jarrett

(c) Nurin

(d) Rhythmics: Rabiatul, Yasmin, Dhamirah, Atiqah)

(e) Harmonics: Abby, Izzati, Siti, Winona)

(f) Rahmat

2015_WGS Awesome_Photo_6.jpg

Our Woodgrove Awesome finalists 
and winners. Well done!