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War and Diplomacy History Card Game Challenge

History was replayed for the 10 students from 3E1 and 3E2 who participated in the Inter-School History Card Game Challenge on 15 April, 2015 at Bendemeer Secondary School.

2015_HistCardChallenge_HM Dept_Photo_2.jpg

Miss Chee and our ten aspiring political leaders!

The objective of the competition is to allow individual students to make crucial political decisions to safeguard their territories, form alliances and attack their adversaries in the political arena. This helps to develop in them a heightened sense of awareness of the pressing issues of war and the multiple fronts on which war is fought. Additionally, through the card challenge, students are encouraged to take cognizance of the consequences of war and the necessity to build their arms, while forming diplomatic relations with other nations.

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Students from various schools convened to 
participate in the Inter-School History Card Challenge.

The competition revolves around the War and Diplomacy card game created by Mr Winston Tham, a History teacher from Bendemeer Secondary School. The game is grounded in the context of World War I and II and involves two opposing political camps - the Axis Powers and the Allied Powers - and three neutral parties. Each student assumes the role of a political leader and tries to emerge triumphant by accumulating the most wealth or eradicating his opponents before the game ends.

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The game commences! 

Of the ten students who represented Woodgrove Secondary School in the preliminary round, five students showed remarkable results and advanced into the semi-finals.

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Not only did our students forge friendships with student competitors from other schools, but they also had a great experience at the challenge, learning about the two World Wars through play.