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Secondary One Mathematics SOAR 2015

As part of the Secondary One Orientation Academic Programme, the Mathematics Department held a Math Trail for all Secondary One students during their first week of school, led by the respective subject teachers of each class.


In addition to getting the students better oriented to their new surroundings,  the objectives of the Math Trail are as followed:

  • highlight the importance of mathematical concepts in daily life;
  • provide students an opportunity to develop teamwork in completing mathematical tasks outside the classroom context; and
  • enhance the interest and pursue of Mathematical knowledge in our students.

The Trail required students to move around the campus in small groups, and complete various tasks within a time limit by applying Mathematical concepts.


A bonus task was also provided to engage groups that completed all their tasks well ahead of the stipulated time.


The trail concluded with the presentation of prizes to the fastest team with the most number of accurate answers from each class.


Date: 2 to 9 Jan 2015




Students making measurements of an object’s dimensions.

Students demonstrating teamwork as they were engaged in completing the task





Students working on their calculations after interviewing the school librarian about the operating hours of the school library.

Students trying to estimate the seating capacity of the school canteen.





Students making their observations and enumerations.

Subject teacher presenting the prize to the top team from 1N1.