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Racial Harmony Day Food Fiesta 2015

Preparations commenced long before 21st July, the day set for Racial Harmony Day Food Fiesta, an event warmly welcomed by students and staff. This year is special as Singapore is celebrating our 50 years of independence, our rich cultural heritage as well as the harmonious relationships of Singaporeans of different cultures and ethnic identity.


Role-modelling commitment, responsibility and teamwork, the PSG volunteers planned the menu, the workflow as well as set up the various stations to prepare the different ethnic food before the actual event itself. Care was also taken to form groups of parents to help prepare the different ethnic food at the different stations so that the preparation of the food can be expedited.


It is good to hear the laughter and feel the excitement on the morning of 21st July as our parents from different ethnic backgrounds work at the different stations, sharing the history as well as the making of these food items. Though the task facing the parents is challenging as they need to prepare the variety of ethnic dishes to cater for the great number of Woodgrovers who are scheduled throughout the day to visit the stall and to taste the food and appreciate the rich cultural heritage, our parents took it in their stride, injecting enthusiasm and learning into the whole activity. The parents also took this opportunity to highlight the importance of staying united and supportive of each other at the same time showing care and consideration for each other and our Woodgrovers as well.


It is therefore not surprising to see the smiles on the faces of our Woodgrovers as they are greeted with Mee Goreng, Roti Prata with Curry, Fried Carrot Cake, Fruity Rojak, Ondeh ondeh, Bandung and Grass Jelly Drinks and many more. By mid-day the parents still not daunted by the long hours of cooking and preparation closed the Food Fiesta and continued to work with gusto to clean up the premises and to do an AAR so as to improve processes for next year.


Bravo to our Parent Support Group Members for the good spirit and generosity!