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N7 Cluster Assessment Workshop

The objectives of the Assessment workshop are to allow teachers to:

i)   Identify learning gaps and the possible causes in student written assessment

ii)  Provide specific suggestions on how student learning can be improved through the use of feedback.

iii) Understand the use of feedback strategies to improve student learning 

Ms Soh Lai Leng Magdalen, Principal of Catholic High School gave the opening address. This was followed by a sharing on Assessment for Learning Feedback and Learning Gaps by Mdm Ong Sir Yan (HOD/CBP) and Mdm Paramjit (ST/WGS).

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The second part of the session was breakout sessions facilitated by N7 LTs and STs. The facilitators are Ms Theseira Cynthia(ST/SLP), Ms Doreen Chan(LT/WDP), Linda Chew(ST/WLP),Ms Vasanthi Jaya(ST/FCP), Mr Leonard Teng(LT/SLP),Chia Siew Chin(LT/CBP), Ms Hua Terng Mary(ST/CHS), Mdm Hanim Ali(ST/FCS), Ms Betty Koh(ST/CHR), Ms Anna Phay(ST/CHS), Mdm Elaine Khoo(ST/WGS), Mr Tay Ping Hock(ST/CHS) and Mdm Shuryati Md Shariff(ST/WGS) .

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During the breakout sessions, the facilitators shared on ‘How to give feedback’ and the participants were engaged in group work and discussions on giving effective feedback to students.

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The sessions concluded with the facilitators thanking the teachers for their participation.

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 A debrief session for facilitators was facilitated by Vice-Principal 1 Woodgrove Secondary School Madam Masayu to obtain feedback on the workshop.