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International Friendship Day 2015

International Friendship Day (IFD) was observed on the 8th and 10th April this year with the theme, “Deepening International Friendships”. A range of activities were planned for students and staff to learn more about the importance of, and the ways in which Singapore develops and strengthens its ties with other countries.

2015_IFD_NE_Photo 2.jpg

Student representatives from China and Vietnam.

During the CCE period on Wednesday, students deliberated upon recent case studies which illustrated Singapore’s efforts in fostering good ties with its neighbours and some of the challenges it faced while doing so. Lower secondary students discussed the proposal to build a high-speed rail link between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Upper secondary students pondered upon the naming of Indonesia’s new navy ship and deciphered the workings of the ‘Panda Diplomacy’ between Singapore and China. Teachers facilitated this session by posing thought-provoking questions which students discussed in groups before participating in a class discussion.

2015_IFD_NE_Photo 3.jpg

Student representatives from South Korea and Indonesia.

On Friday, a morning assembly programme was held to commemorate IFD. To start off the programme, Winona from 2E1 read out a speech for IFD 2015 on behalf of the NE Ambassadors. Next, showcasing the diversity of cultures in WGS, four students donning their traditional costumes from Vietnam, China, Indonesia and South Korea enthralled the audience by sharing interesting aspects of their home country. The programme closed with an IFD Quiz conducted by the emcee, Thaqif from 3E1. Four lucky students who answered well, went home with an adorable WGS bear.

2015_IFD_NE_Photo 4.jpg

PSG members enthusiastically preparing 
for the food sampling.

The celebrations continued during recess, where members from the Parents’ Support Group (PSG) had lovingly prepared food items from different countries like Takoyaki and Muah Chee for students to sample. The PSG members had also painstakingly carved several fruits which were put on display at their booth to commemorate IFD.

2015_IFD_NE_Photo 5.jpg

Takoyaki balls. 

While enjoying the spread, students were also treated to performances by the school choir and dance items by talented individuals from several classes. These performances featured traditional and contemporary songs from other countries, which highlighted the blending of foreign and local culture in Singapore.

2015_IFD_NE_Photo 6.jpg

Music showcase featuring International
 songs and dance.

The oNE Committee hopes that everyone enjoyed the International Friendship Day events and looks forward to organising more of such events in future.