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Chinese New Year Celebration 2015

The theme for this year’s celebrations is Happiness and Prosperity. The preparation leading up to the joyous occasion aimed to develop in students a deeper understanding and appreciation of ethnic culture and values amongst our students and staff of different races. We were also mindful of the need to foster closer ties with our partners.


Mr Chee, principal & Mrs Helena Song, our pioneer

principal getting ready to hit the gong to kick start

 the concert.

Lively performance of “喜洋洋”by CO



The celebration kicked off with the screening of a  heart-warming film by Anthony Chen, featuring the traditions involved in celebrating Chinese New Year, including the annual reunion dinner, all of that set against the backdrop of Singapore’s changing landscape over several decades. Then our very own Chinese Orchestra performed the song “喜洋洋” (xi yang yang), literally translated as “Happiness and Prosperity”, followed by our Woodgrove Chorale who was performing the song “贺新年” (he xin nian). Both songs depict the belief that the pursuit of happiness is a worthwhile cause as a happy mind is a productive mind.  


Drama performance “Lo Hei” by our talented

young students

Sec 1 Mandarin Oranges Peeling Competition


The talented young actors from our Drama Club – Whitelight Productions, also presented a very special performance “Lo Hei” during the concert. The next exciting segment was the Mandarin Orange Peeling Contest – Bits and Pieces of Harvest and Abundance organised for all the Sec 1 classes. Representatives from different Sec 1 classes will be pitting against each other to determine which class can form the best picture of the Chinese character “羊年大吉庆丰收” (meaning prosperity and abundance) with mandarin oranges.


Sec 1E3 students together with their form teacher forming

the Chinese character using mandarin oranges


Sec 1E4 and 1N1 students and teachers displaying

 the creative Chinese character that they have formed

using the mandarin oranges

Mr Chee presented the hamper to the representative

 from Sun Love Organisation


As part of the school’s “Many Helping Hands” approach towards caring for the elderly, our Principal Mr Chee presented the hamper to the representative form the Sun Love Organisation. Our School leaders, PSG and students also presented the Mandarin oranges and gifts to the elderly guests and all the teachers.


 Impressive dance performance “立春之节”

Woodgrove Chorale presented the light hearted

 but yet heartwarming song “妈妈的年菜”


The Chinese Orchestra also performed their 2 nd item 恭喜恭喜(Gong xi Gong xi), followed by the light hearted video “Going Home” . The Woodgrove Chorale “妈妈的年菜”which reminded us the sacrifices that our parents have gone through and fulfill our calling as a filial son or daughter. The celebration ended on a high note with the impressive Modern Dance cum Lion Dance performance “立春之节” (li chun zhi jie), which means “Beginning of Spring” together with the Finale song “恭喜恭喜” (gong xi gong xi) led by Choir.  


The celebration ended with the Lion Dance

performance as the grand finale.