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WGS Internationalisation Programme

Organisation Structure of Committee - updated on 30 Jan 2015


Advisor: Mr Caleb Lee (Vice Principal)


OIC: Mr Chen Bing Hong (HOD/Mathematics)


AIC: Mdm Chong Sze Khuin (HOD/MTL)


Committee Members: Mrs V Thevarajan (CSO), Ms Seri Hidayu Shalel (CCPE), Ms Nora Bte Awang, Mrs Stella Goh, Mr Toh Mun Yeen, Mdm Liu Yan Hua Eva, Mr Flavian B Fernandez, Mr Ng Koon Chey, Mdm Noraini Washil, Miss Serene Khiew.




The committee is formed to provide authentic learning opportunities for students to appreciate cultural, economic and social diversity and become outward looking global citizens.


Strategic Objectives

The committee aims to:

  1. To support  development of Performing Arts  niche through Performing Arts Exchange with overseas institutions;
  2. To support coordination and liason of student  overseas learning journeys  for Green, Design and VIA.
  3. To  partner educational institutions  for  student/teacher exchange visits  from different regions such as Japan, China, Australia, Indonesia.
  4. To  partner a potential Twinning school  for  local/overseas student/teacher exchange programme



Partnership Framework : 3E Approach





Identifies appropriate partners and establishes initial links with potential partners to enhance the learning experiences of students, provide diverse opportunities for them which will better develop them into creative, passionate citizens, ready for the future.

Engage WGS students through overseas learning journeys in the various domains:

    1. Aesthetic
    2. Environmental
    3. Design
    4. VIA
    5. Sports & Games
    6. Academic


Evaluate and assess the effectiveness of existing partnerships, explore other possibilities such as developing programmes and pilot projects that are customised to the needs of our students by harnessing on the expert knowledge as well as resources of the partners.

Coordination & Liason of Student overseas learning journeys & partnership with educational institutions for students/teacher exchange visits


Partners with established collaborations with school over at least 2 years may escalate to be strategic partners. Extension of partnerships involves greater commitment from both school and partners in terms of time, resources and expertises such as wider group of students and wider scope of partnership.

Twinning Programme 






1     与上海建平实验中学交流




1.1   林景中学简介


1.2   上海建平实验中学简介


1.3   我校和上海建平实验中学历年交流记录


1.4   2007 – 2013  年我校和上海建平实验中学交流





2    与海外交流Overseas Trips by Woodgrovers


        2.1   科系Instructional Programme (IP)


        2.2    课外辅助活动团体CCA/CCE



3       来访外宾目录与资料

        List of visits by overseas educational institutions