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Secondary 4NA and 4NT Elective Module

Since 2004, the Elective Modules (EMs) have been conducted for our students in the Normal stream, for the purpose of introducing them to courses of study in ITEs and Polytechnics and exposing them to possible career paths. To broaden our students’ learning experiences and cater for their varied learning needs, styles and aspirations, our school offers all students in the Normal Academic stream two modules in their four years with us. In February this year, we ran the second set of EMs for them.


A whopping array of 8 modules were offered to our students this year – Events Management (DJ), Events Management (Balloon Sculpting and Magic), Culinary with Molecular Gastronomy, Videography, Fashion Design, F1 Engineering, Aeronautics, and Hospitality. Within the five-day programme, our students were given ample opportunities to learn the basic skills of the relevant industries, experience the job scopes of future careers, and work closely with people in that industry. All students also went on a learning journey to have a first-hand experience of related field. For instance, students who took up the Aeronautics module went to the Flight Experience at Singapore Flyer, to experience flying a plane in simulated conditions.


On the last day of the EMs, Woodgrove provided a platform for our students to showcase their newly-acquired skills to their juniors as well as to the school staff. All our students worked closely together and delivered fantastic, impressive, and successful showcases. All in all, the elective modules were effective and well-received by both the students and the staff.