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Experiential Learning Journey to Snow City

In our efforts to enhance the learning experience of Sec 2 Normal (Technical) education, we have organised an Experiential Learning Journey to Snow City. This is a multidisciplinary trip between English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.



The aim of this trip is to provide the students an opportunity to engage in activities which allow them to learn properties of liquid nitrogen and challenge their minds while testing their physical agility via an event called Winter Olympics.


Students participated in two Winter Olympics sports: Breakage and Dress Me Up.


In Breakage, everyone in a team will log his or her arm to form a chain, with different formation, and slide down the slope together. The chain should not break. The team with no breakage will win the game.


Stirring their own ice cream


In Dress Me Up, one player from each team will be dressed to the minimum, for example, in only T-shirts and jeans, and stands at the bottom of the slope. Several items will be given to the other team players, which are the hat, jacket, waterproof pants, ski boots, ski and poles. They will then slide down one by one, carrying one item at a time, and dress up the player standing at the bottom of the slope. The objective is to dress him or her up as a skier. The team, which finishes first, wins the game.

After The Winter Olympics, students had a free play in Snow City.


 Liquid Nitrogen being poured


The subsequent activity was Liquid Nitrogen Demonstration. Through the demonstrations, students learnt the amazing properties of Nitrogen. They were greatly dazzled by it.


After that they had a hands-on experience with Nitrogen via ice cream making activity. They literally got to taste their efforts when they tasted their own ice cream!