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Experience ITE Program 2014

On Feb 13 and 14 2014, our 2NT classes visited ITE College Central as part of the Experience ITE Program.


The Experience ITE Program is a formal part of the 2NT curriculum, and is designed to help students experience the authentic learning environment at ITE and to allow them to understand how an ITE education can benefit them. Students got to try out a variety of hands-on projects to challenge their creativity and help them understand the application of the skills and knowledge at ITE.


Students were shown how a Green Screen is used in filming.


The visit started out with a presentation given by an ITE lecturer on the different schools in ITE College Central: School of Design & Media, School of Engineering, School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology and School of Business and Services.


During the presentation, our students were treated to a wonderful surprise: a visit by none other than Singapore’s soccer legend, Fandi Ahmad! Fandi gave a short motivational talk to the students since he himself was an ex-ITE student.


 Look Who’s Talking!

A surprise visit by Fandi Ahmad, who also gave our Woodgrovers

a short but inspiring motivational talk.


In the School of Engineering, our students were shown a demonstration of the latest technology in 3D-printing.  And at the School of Business and Services, they played a board game related to business. Students were also taught simple programming at the School of Electronics & Info-Comm Technology. And they were even given an opportunity to handle a video-camera and the green/blue screen usually used for filming in the School of Design & Media.


All in all, the students enjoyed the trip, and they also learnt more about the different schools and the different courses that ITE has to offer.


Students also enjoyed playing a board game that contains many

elements of business in the real world.