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Annual Shooting Competition

Staff Sergeant Md Haikal has done the school proud by finishing 3rd in the annual shooting competition organised by HQ National Cadet Corps. Staff Sergeant Md Haikal was selected to represent the school in the competition on 20th Nov 2007 because he attained marksmanship during his 25 metre live firing earlier this year.


How the school’s NCC unit help you to achieve your good performance in the annual shooting competition?

The school NCC unit has provided me with opportunities to showcase my strength. I would like to thank my teacher officers and fellow cadets for believing in me and motivating me to strive for success.

What advice you have for your other cadets?  

The advice for my juniors is to pay attention to the shooting fundamentals and always be humble and not to be over-confident. All the lessons given by the instructors are very useful and helpful.


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