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Elective Module (EM) Learning Experience

As part of our Education and Career Guidance (ECG) exposure, to help our upper secondary Normal Course students better understand the courses offered at post-secondary educational institutions (PSEIs) like ITE, our Secondary 3N(A) and N(T) students participated in the Elective Module (EM) Learning Experience. EMs were introduced into the Normal Course to broaden the learning experiences of N(A) and N(T) students and to provide for their varied learning needs and styles.

The EMs cover a range of industry niches, opening up possibilities that extend beyond secondary school education. The EM Learning Experience was a four-day programme at the ITE College Central from 22 to 25 March this year.

Our students took part in the following modules: Small business operations, Computer Game, Design & Build Glider, Internet of Things Applications and 3D Design & Print. Through the hands-on practical sessions during the EM Learning Experience, our students are given the opportunities to discover how the knowledge and skills learnt can be applied to related industries.

For example, in the Small Business Operations module, our students are able to appreciate more about running a business as they are provided with first-hand experience of setting up a start-up enterprise in a bazaar setting.

Pic 3.jpg
Small Business Operations 

Pic 5.jpg
Computer Game

Pic 1.jpg
Design & Build Glider

Pic 2.jpg
Internet of Things Applications

Pic 4.jpg
3D Design & Print