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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Community & Youth Leadership

The Learners and Leaders for Life” is a Community & Youth Leadership (CYL) programme that aims to develop student leaders to attain the 3A qualities: Awareness, Affection and Ability to Act. This can be achieved by nurturing student leaders who are aware of the community and environmental needs (Awareness), having compassion for others (Affection) and the ability to make a difference (Ability to Act). The CYL programme is closely aligned to MOE’s 21st CC Framework and the school’s WGS Education “Learners and Leaders for Life” Framework, which strive to produce students who possess the four desirable traits:

(1) Compassionate individuals with the passion to serve
(2) Responsible, disciplined and dynamic learners
(3) Resilient citizens with integrity
(4) Confident, adaptable and innovative individuals prepared for the challenges ahead

01 LLP ILP.png
Go M.A.D. (Go and make a difference) VIA project – Intergenerational Learning Programme

02 LLP Sunlove.pngGo M.A.D. (Go and make a difference) VIA project at the Sunlove Marsiling Senior Activity Centre

03 LLP ACE The Place.png
Collaboration with community partners – ACE The Place CC

Overseas Service-Learning Journey

05 LLP WAOC.png
We Are One Camp – Secondary One Orientation Camp and Campfire

06 LLP SU.png
Student leadership training and programmes