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Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)

photo 1 - CCE framework.png

Introduction to the WGS CCE Framework

The WGS CCE framework serves as a guide for school in developing plans, key strategies and programmes for CCE development of students and guides staff in gaining a wider perspective of the intent as well as school-wide strategies in place for CCE. It also allows for greater integration of the processes that leads to fulfillment of the key strategies of the school as laid out in Strategic Thrusts 2.

Central to the framework is the 8 school values and 8 CCE Learning Outcomes (LO). The school values and 8 CCE learning outcomes form an interlocking figure of 8 which signifies that values and learning outcomes work hand in hand in order to make character development efforts an integrated one for the school and the outcome a holistic one for the student.

WGS adopts the 5E approach of ‘Equip, Engage, Experiences, Exhibit and rEflection’ to instill values as well as inculcate values and to the students in order to mould students with strength of character.

The school believes that CCE requires the utilisation of various platforms in so that the 5E approach can be embedded in the day-to day inculcation of values as well as explicit teaching of values in school initiatives and programmes. The school leverages on the tripartite partnership of School-Home-Community platforms in order to drive CCE.

The CCE framework is aligned to the school’s desired outcomes for WGS students. The school believes that the key to successful character development of students is dependent on the commitment of the school in devoting time and efforts to build quality relationships with the students.
The WGS CCE framework takes the form of the shape of a kite. It is inspired by the graceful movement of the humble kite which rises against the wind and soars up high in the sky. With the right wind condition, proper construction which makes it resistance to failure as well as proper handling and maneuvering. Although the kite will be subjected to challenges as it rises, its resilient spirit will overcome that barriers to success.

MOE  Edusave character award finalists 2022

Study Skills Workshops

Study skills workshops are organised for the students to cater to their needs.

The Secondary 1s will attend a Time Management and Note-taking Workshop where they are exposed to various strategies for organising their time and their notes to maximise productivity.

The Secondary 2s will have a hands-on session during their Memory Techniques and Mind-mapping Workshop to train their memory and create useful mindmaps for selected topics that they have learnt.

The Secondary 3s will learn about how to create e-Portfolios as this will be beneficial for them when they apply for DSA/EAE in future.

The Secondary 4s will be trained in their social etiquette and interview skills through a workshop that offers practical tips to help them be more confident as a person.

photo 2 - mindmap workshop.jpg
A student showcasing her mind-map.

photo 3 - workshop.jpg
Students having a light-hearted moment with the trainer.

Good Deed Cards

In order to encourage good behaviour, students are recognised for their acts of integrity and kindness. Good deed cards are presented to those who return lost valuables or help others who may be in need.

Keeping Woodgrove Clean

Every semester, our students have an opportunity to show their appreciation to the school by using their hands to keep Woodgrove clean. Some students will clean the corridors, while others will clean the stairways or toilets. Overall, the students have fun working together to make the school environment a conducive place for learning.

photo 4 - toilet washing boys.jpg photo 5 - toilet washing girls.jpg
Toilet washing is fun when we do it together.