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Graduation Celebrations 2020 - Video Tribute

The academic year is coming to an end and it is time to say farewell to our graduating classes. 
Over the years this cohort of students has developed into well adapted individuals ready to thrive in challenges ahead.
These videos pay tribute to everyone who has made positive contributions to this cohort in one way or another.

We wish them all the best in their future endeavours!

Click on the following images to view the video messages.

Mr Chua.png
Mr Tan.png
Mr Michael.png
 Mr Chua
Mr Tan
(Year Head) 
Mr Michael
(Asst Year Head)

Student Leaders.png
 Student Leaders

 Well wishes from Form Teachers

Grad Classes 2020.png
 Message from Graduation Classes

 Message from CCAs

Additional videos from Form Teachers.

ClassVideo Link
4E1Mdm Nora and Mr Tang
4E2 Ms Nadiah
4E3  Mr Sharin, Ms Gina, Ms Khiew
4E4 Ms Wang Jian and Mdm Dawn Tai
4N1Ms Dorothy, Mr Foo, Mdm Teo 
4N2 Mdm Azah and Mr Yip
 4T1 Mr Adrian, Mdm Herlina, Mr Karim
5N1Ms Chong 
5N2Mr Christon
 Special VideoMr Fariz 

Updated on 22 September 2020