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Woodgrove 7th Annual Cross Country 2019

This year, our 7th Annual Cross Country Run on 15 March 2019 was conducted in Woodlands Waterfront Park. Participants had to run up quite a steep slope of about 70 m after the flag-off. 


The path was a little undulating but the last 400 m was a straight flat run to the finish point. All participants covered an approximately 2 km park run.


To many of us, completing a cross country run is never easy, but the entire experience was definitely more uplifting with great weather in the morning. 


And, as part of our 20th Anniversary celebration, the school has decided to sweeten the experience by giving every participant who completed the route a finisher medal.


Having friends to start the run together, and ending the run in celebration definitely contributed to a positive run experience. Many students enjoyed the run as it was a time for them to compete as a class.


WGS Cross Country success over the years – with a change of venue – clearly shows that students, staff and partners enjoy the run and exploring new ground.