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Secondary 3 Express Drama Presentation 2019 - Belenggu

In line with MOE's call to inject Joy of Learning, the Malay Language Unit planned a 12-week Drama-in-Education programme for Secondary 3 Express Malay students.

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This programme aimed to heighten the students’ spoken interaction and writing skills as well as develop confidence and 21st Century Competencies such as communication and critical thinking skills.

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After 12 sessions of hard and heart work, the students staged their final showcase entitled Belenggu last Friday, 5 July 2019, at Woodlands Regional Library Auditorium, as this event is supported by National Library Board.

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Belenggu is a series of short stories that encapsulates the social issues faced by the Malay community in Singapore. These stories are expressions of the students’ own experiences growing up amidst all these complexities. With this, students explored various solutions to overcome these challenges and emerge as stronger individuals.

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The drama presentation far exceeded the teachers’ expectations. This platform allowed them to share their personal experiences in a safe and trusted environment. They explored a variety of issues from domestic violence to individuals with special needs.

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The drama presentation saw the manifestation of values such as teamwork, resilience, empathy as well as sensitivity and appreciation towards the less advantaged. These issues were brought further into classroom teaching for students to discuss on the values and possible solutions of the issues that are faced by the Malay community.  

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 Timely reflections that were conducted throughout their 12-week journey showed a heightened appreciation towards the Malay local arts scene. By and large, the students also learnt about the fundamentals of a drama production and acting and are able to express themselves more confidently in Malay Language.