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Racial Harmony Day 2019

Woodgrove Secondary School commemorated its Racial Harmony Week from 15th to 24th July 2019. The event had a vibrant start with the launch of the Harmony Trail for Secondary 2 students.

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 In line with the theme for 2019, ‘The Singapore Connection’, the Secondary 2 students connected with the religious centres situated around the school by making visits to Yusof Ishak Mosque, Covenant Evangelical Free Church and BW Monastery where they deepened their understanding of the different religions in Singapore. 

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They not only saw differences but also understood the universal goodness found in the teachings of all the religions, which is to live harmoniously and help the community. After the trail, the students discussed and shared their reflections through the Journey Map activity.

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Form teachers of all levels also conducted a specially desiRHDned Contemporary Issue lesson that explored racial stereotypes. The reflective nature of the lessons enabled students to discover connections with one another and to overcome stereotypes and prejudice that serve to divide Singapore. To reinforce the lessons, Windows of our World also featured how other countries embrace multiculturalism.

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On a lighter note, cultural items that were once used in the kitchens of the different races in Singapore but now forgotten were also displayed in the NE Showcase. Items like the Tingkat and Mortar and Pestle helped pupils establish a connection to Singapore’s social and cultural past.

Observing the Buddhist Bells.jpg

To further enhance the cultural experience of our pupils, a Community Batik Painting event was also organised for Secondary 1 students in which they took turns to collectively paint and create a vivid 4 metre long masterpiece in batik. This activity fostered bonds among students and gave them a deeper appreciation of Malay/Peranakan culture.

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The climax of the celebrations was indeed the special RHD Assembly Programme on 24th July, where a concert was held, featuring a Kompang Performance by our Secondary 1 students and a sharing session on the Harmony Trail by NE Ambassadors. The sharing also highlighted government initiatives to promote racial harmony in Singapore. The pinnacle of the concert was the Ethnic Costume Fashion Parade that showcased and celebrated our diversity. In addition students and teachers donned ethnic attire and special prizes were awarded to Best Dressed teachers and students.

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A meaningful Live Sand Art Performance closed the celebrations where images with ethnic and religious themes unique to Singapore were created out of sand by a master artist.

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It is our wish that Woodgrovers and Singaporeans will always cherish our diversity and strive to continuously relate positively to one another, fostering our very own “Singapore Connection”.

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