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Educators' Visit from Thailand (Chiang Mai)

On Friday, 26 April 2019, WGS proudly hosted 8 educators from Thailand, Chiang Mai.  The main objective of the visit was to provide the visiting educators the opportunity to experience and learn more about WGS education.
The Thai educators were also given insights into the daily learning routines, ALP and LLP programmes, as well as the English and Mathematics curriculum in Woodgrove Secondary School.


The Thai educators arrived promptly at WGS at 0900. They were spilt into two groups. One group observed Ms Nora’s English lesson on visual text, while another group observed Mdm Damaris’ Mathematics lesson on simple inequality. After which, they were bought on a school tour to visit our Food Lab, Science Lab, as well as our solar panel-powered study corners.


The educators then got an experience of our D&T workshop lesson. Each of them made a candy dish for themselves. They also sat in on school presentations by Mr Tan VP, Mr Tan Siong Leong and Mr Michael on the education curriculum in WGS as well as our niche programmes such as ALP and LLP.


After the gift exchange between Mr Chee and the principal amongst the Thai educators, our visitors also got to split into two groups to participate in micro-sharing of WGS English and Mathematics education by Ms Rani and Ms Nicole. 


At the end of the visit, all participants gave positive feedback about their entire experience at WGS.