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Educators' Visit from China Sichuan Longquanyi School

On Wednesday, 10 July 2019, NIE Chinese Educators from Sichuan Longquanyi, China visited WGS.  The main objective of the visit was to provide both the visiting and hosting educators the opportunity to share an overview of WGS education, staff development and management and also our School Niche Programme (ALP & LLP).

The visiting educators arrived at WGS at 9 am. The first item was the welcoming and photo-taking session by our school leaders with the visiting educators. They were then grouped into two groups during the activities.

After the welcoming session, Ms Serene Khiew and Ms Lee Yin Shih brought the visitors for a brief tour around our school compound. This introduction of the school allowed the educators to get to know our school better. They then had a first-hand try out of the D & T experience conducted by Mr Maniam.


Then they were brought to MRL for tea break. 

After tea break, there was a presentation by School leaders on WGS education, staff development and our Niche Programme. In the final session, all visiting educators discussed and provided positive feedback about their entire experience at WGS.