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Chinese New Year 2019

Chinese New Year (CNY) Celebration at WGS is one of the most eagerly anticipated event for Term 1. In line with the year of the Pig, our theme for this year’s CNY celebration is “Happiness and Prosperity”. This event aims to develop in students a deeper understanding and appreciation of ethnic culture and values amongst our students and staff of different races and also to foster closer ties with our partners.  
The festive celebration commenced when our principal, Mr Chee and School Advisory Committee Chairman and member Mr Tan Wang Cheow and Mr Peter Koh respectively beat the Chinese gong that echoed against the walls of the school hall.   The highlights of the programme included the performances of the Chinese Orchestra Percussion ensemble who welcomed the students, teachers and special guests of the assembly with their song 《鼓舞新春》(gǔ wǔ xīn chūn) and two other arrangements 《新年歌儿大家唱》(xīn nián gē er dà jiā chàng)and《刮地风》(guā dì fēng), igniting the Chinese New Year mood.

Apart from the Chinese Orchestra, the audience were also blessed to hear 《大地回春》 (dà dì huí chūn) from our Woodgrove Chorale. Winners from Voice of Woodgrove also presented 2 beautiful songs, 《那些你很冒险的梦》(nà xiē nǐhěn mào xiǎn de mèng) and《永不失联的爱》(yǒng bù shī lián de ài ).   Every year, our very own God of fortune will bless the school with a year of bountiful wealth and good health. This year, the school has specially invited a Sichuan Face Changing Master to put up a magnificent performance together with the God of fortune. Face Changing is the highlight of the Sichuan Opera.

The audience was well-entertained with this enriching and educational experience.   Another highlight of this concert was the Secondary One Tik Tok Competition. This competition not only bonded the classes together as one but also brought great entertainment for the audience. The audience was impressed with the students’ good coordination and excellent sense of rhythm.  

As a Chinese tradition, the joyous celebration came to a close with the eager Lion Dancers from Modern Dance Club who showered everyone with auspicious blessings. Together with their dancers, they put up an awesome performance titled 《龙腾祥云狮献瑞》 (long téng xiáng yún shī xiàn ruì). It was definitely a display of agility, enthusiasm and talent and the team won loud applause from the audience.  

The secondary 2 students designed beautiful cards for the teachers and the elderly from Sun Love Organisation. Our Red Cross Youth (RCY) members displayed much care and love for the elderly throughout their stay in school. After the sumptuous breakfast treat, the elderly from the Sun Love Organisation joined us during the concert and received gifts from our annual Food Hamper project.   Last but not least, the whole heart-warming celebration ended with a finale song “Gong Xi Gong Xi”. Indeed, the WGS family was treated to an awesome concert, which would linger in our minds as one of our beautiful memories as part of the Woodgrove family.