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Secondary One Orientation Programme 2018

In the first week of January 2018, the school conducted Secondary 1 Orientation Activities pRogramme (SOAR) which comprised talks, sharing, distinctive programmes activities, culminating in 2-day non-residential camp and a campfire. The “We Are One” slogan for the camp segment remains and it highlights the emphasis on the Woodgrove family culture as the school welcomes the Secondary 1 students to the family.


During the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) sessions, students explored on how to create shapes using polymer materials and re-moulding them. During the Learning for Life Programme (LLP) segment, students were given their first exposure to Values in Action (VIA) projects as they packed Chinese New Year goodie bags for the elderly. In the Art segments, students from each class created painted handprints to decorate a portion of the “We Are One” banner, which was then combined together.



4 January (Thu) was the day when the camp segment started, adopting the theme “Solar System”. There are many objects in the solar system but they orbit around the Sun. Likewise, there are many Secondary 1 students but they are bonded together by the invisible pulling force of friendship and Woodgrove identity. Games were planned by the Student Union leaders to help Secondary 1 students forge friendships easily.



The camp concluded with a campfire on the last night and all 7 classes and the Orientation Group Leaders and Student Union leaders showcased their high spirits through the different dance performances, cheers and songs.



Updated 09/02/2018