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Racial Harmony Day 2018

Woodgrove Secondary School commemorated its Racial Harmony Week from 18th to 20th July 2018. Prior to this, a collaboration with the Malay Department helped to kickstart the celebrations with a Kain Samping and Saree tying demonstration on 25th June. 

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On 18th July, a meaningful RH speech by VP Tan helped put the commemorations in its proper setting by aptly capturing the theme and spirit of RHD 2018 which is “Diversity is Our Strength” coupled with a reminder that the fostering of multiculturalism and racial harmony is always a work in progress.

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A rousing performance by our teachers closed the morning event, where the melodious voices of Mr Leon and Mr Karim were heard on both a Chinese and Malay song. This was a salient example of cross cultural sharing and acceptance. 

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That afternoon, a specially prepared CCE lesson helped to reinforce our commitment to multiculturalism, where a special video by our very own Woodgrove pupils also highlighted the need to broaden our definition and acceptance of race to include that of other nationalities.  A special display by the Humanities Department also helped pupils reflect on the fact that Singapore has historically been an open, immigrant-based society.

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20th July saw the climax of our commemorations, a pledge in our 4 official languages helped to reinforce our firm belief in multiculturalism. This was followed by a delightful fashion parade by our NE ambassadors to showcase the beautiful and diverse ethnic wear that can be found within Singapore, from Malay kebayas to Korean Hanboks. An exciting dance by our teachers soon followed, complementing the visual treat provided by the donning of ethnic attire. The canteen vendors also did their part to foster harmony by having special ethnic food prepared for sale that day.

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It is our wish that Woodgrovers and Singaporeans will always cherish our Diversity and make it a “Strength” that unites us all.

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