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Harmony Trail 2018

On 2nd and 4th of April 2018, the oNE Committee has organised the inaugural WGS Harmony Trail. Leveraging on our close proximity to places of worships, our Secondary Two students embarked on a Learning Journey to Yusof Ishak Mosque, Covenant Evangelical Free Church and BW Monastery. 


The Learning Journey aims to provide a better understanding of the beliefs and practices of the different faiths and how these places of worships play a significant role in our community.  In line with the WGS Education and the CCE Learning Outcomes, we believe that such visits provide an exciting and powerful stimulus for learning an understanding of inter-religious and cultural diversity.


At each place of worship, the students were greeted by a representative who shared on fundamental beliefs of the faith and how the place of worship serves residents from the respective religions in the area.  The students recorded their learning points and observations in a worksheet prepared by oNE Committee.  


Clearly, the visits gave students the opportunity to find out more about the roles of these places of worship, as evidenced in the reflections written in their worksheet. 


These included practices which they may have heard of from friends but may not have had the opportunity to clarify, like “worshippers enter from the side doors of the monastery” and “men pray at the first level while women pray at the second level at the mosque”.


A post-trip survey also showed that almost all students felt they became more aware and will start thinking about how everyone in Singapore needs to play a part in maintaining religious harmony.


Some students also hoped that they could have visited all three places of worship instead of two as they felt this would give them a better understanding of all three faiths.