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GCE N Level Results Release 2018

Woodgrovers have done well in the 2018 Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) Level Examinations. All our students from the N(A) course and the N(T) course have been awarded the GCE N(A)-Level certificate and the GCE N(T)-Level certificate respectively. 

84.5% of our 4N(A) students are eligible for promotion to Secondary 5N(A) in 2019. This result is higher than the national average. Our 4N(T) cohort has also done the school proud. The percentage passes for almost all their subjects are better than the national average. 

2018_N_Level_Pic 1.jpg

Students celebrating their good examination results!

2018_N_Level_Pic 2.jpg

Students receiving results from their Form Teachers.

2018_N_Level_Pic 3.jpg

Parents giving moral support to their children receiving their results. 

The School Leaders, staff and current students would like to congratulate Woodgrovers for doing well in the examination.

Our top all-round performers:
2018_N_Level_Pic 4.jpg

2018_N_Level_Pic 5.jpg

2018_N_Level_Pic 6.jpg