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Exchange Programme with China Shijiazhuang 41st Secondary School

On Wednesday, 21 February 2018, WGS proudly hosted the above school.  The main objective of the visit was to provide both the visiting and hosting students the opportunity to share and experience WGS education as well as to interact with the students of the visiting school.  Students and educators of the visiting school were also given insights into the daily learning routines in Woodgrove Secondary School.

Gift Exchange between hosting & visiting schools 

The visiting school which comprised of one vice-principal, four educators and forty students arrived at WGS at 7.15 am.  They then observed our morning routine of singing the national anthem and saying the pledge.  The visitors were then warmly welcomed and introduced to the school by our Upper Sec Year Head, Mr Tan Siong Leong.  Thereafter, exchange of gifts between the hosting and visiting schools took place followed by a group photo taking session.

A 2N1 student helping a visiting student on the design motif

Students from the visiting school were brought on a school tour before attending a presentation on WGS education in the library. The school tour consisted of some highlights for them – the spice garden, chemistry lab and the Woodgrove rainforest project. After which, they proceeded to the D&T workshop and learned how to make a design motif from Mr Tan Woon Siong and Mr Andrew Oh. Our WGS students had fun guiding them on this hands-on practical lesson. Meanwhile, the visiting teachers were guided by Mr Maniam on how to make a candy dish.

Visiting teachers learning how to make a candy dish

The visiting students were also given the opportunity to sit in and experience a lesson on Science by Ms Mardiana, as well as a Mathematics lesson conducted by Mdm Teo Siew Choo. Although the visitors did have difficulty due to language issues, their new WGS buddies rose to the occasion and rendered all the assistance they could to make the visitors’ learning meaningful. As a result, the students were fully engaged and had meaningful interactions with the teachers as well as their hosting counterparts. Going for recess at the canteen was something different that the visiting students experience in a school context. More importantly, our visitors were also exposed to the food of different races and cultures that our school canteen offers.

Students doing an Iodine test during the science lesson

Visiting students enjoying their lunch at WGS canteen

At the end of the visit, all participants gave positive feedback about their entire experience at WGS.

Updated 05/03/2018