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China School Visit Programme

On Wednesday, 31 January 2018, WGS proudly hosted 33 educators from China.  The main objective of the visit was to provide the Chinese educators with an overview of WGS Education and WGS Staff Management, as well as to introduce them to the Distinctive Programmes of the school. These educators were also given insights into the daily learning routines in Woodgrove Secondary School.

Visitors being brought on a school tour on WGS campus

Visitors being shown a demo on chemistry lesson 

The 33 educators arrived at WGS at 9 am. They were warmly welcomed and introduced to the school by our Principal, Mr. Chee. Thereafter, a group photo-taking session was conducted. The educators were then brought on a school tour. The Woodgrove Rainforest, Chemistry Lab and Eco Garden were some of the highlights covered on our campus ground. They also partook in a D&T experience of making a candy dish.

Mr Maniam demonstrating how to make a candy dish from luminous acrylic

During the D&T experience, the educators enjoyed themselves very much as they were taken on an experiential practical session on how to create a candy dish with the help of out TSO Mr. Maniam. After which, they enjoyed some food during the tea break before attending a presentation by our school leaders and key personnel. They got to know more about WGS’s history, WGS staff management system, and our Distinctive Programmes (ALP & LLP).

Visitors with their handmade candy dishes

The educators were enthusiastic and eager to know more about the education system in Singapore, in particular the secondary level. Many questions were asked with regards to our education system and the syllabus implemented by the ministry. The WGS education was also shared with the educators. They were extremely intrigued by the Woodgrove Rainforest and Eco Garden while they were on the school tour. They were also interested to find out more about how students are being streamed into different academic tracks.

Our visitor writing well wishes and signing on the photograph book presented

At the end of the visit, all participants gave positive feedback about their entire experience at WGS.

Mr Chee presents our visitor a group photograph as souvenir

Updated 27/02/2018