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WGS 5th Annual Cross Country Run 2017

Group photo of GOH PSG Mdm Christina Sia and School Leaders..JPG
This year our 5th Annual Cross Country Run on the 9 March 2017, started in Sembawang Park. The race took participants into the private estate of colonial houses, out to Admiralty Road East before turning into Sembawang Road and back to the park, ending about 100m from the start point. The female participants ran a distance of 3 km whilst the male runners covered a slightly longer route of 3.3 km.  

More than 1200 participants, consisted of B division (boys / girls), C division (boys / girls) and staff/ PSG/ alumni categories, took part in our cross country event.

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To many of us, completing a cross country run is never easy, but the entire experience was definitely more uplifting with a great weather in the morning. Having friends start the race together, and end the run in celebration definitely contributed to a positive race experience.

The boys spriting pass the timer gantry at the start point..JPG
Woodgrovers exhibiting resilience, pressing on to complete the Cross Country Run..JPG
Many of the participants enjoyed the race as it was a time for them to compete as a class and strive to win the Best Class Challenge Trophy. In the staff/PSG race, Ms Shariza, Ms Sherlene and Ms Rena clinched the top 3 positions for the ladies category; Mr Flavian, Mr Eugene and Mr Fariz clinched the top 3 position for the men category. And topping it off, the English Department won the trophy for the “Best Department Challenge”.

Woodgrovers were very happy for completing the Cross Country Run!.JPG

B Division Girls (Top 3) – 3 km
1st  Lam Ee Ern Skyler                       10:29
2nd Chua Yu Xuan                              11:36
3rd Norathira Suhaily Bte M             11:38  

B Division Boys (Top 3) – 3.3 km
1st  Sky Chong Shao Kai                    11:12
2nd Cheok Jia Hao                              11:12
3rd  Muhd Atiq B Muhd Ali                11.14  

C Division Girls (Top 3) – 3 km
1st  Lacsado Shaniah Santiag           11:25
2nd Amanda Tham Rui Qi                 11:25
3rd Nurul Asha Affida Bte AK            11:50  

C Division Boys (Top 3) – 3.3 km
1st Jereson Ng Soong Kai                  11:21
2nd Bhandari Harsh Vikas                11:21
3rd  Scott Tay Yong Jin                       11.48  

WGS Cross Country Race success over the years – with a change of venue – clearly shows that students, staff and partners enjoy the race and exploring new ground.

Proud winners of the Cross Country Run..JPG