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T&L Session 2

The Teaching & Learning (T&L) Session 2 was carried out on 19 May 2017. The T&L Committee presented the sharing on “Making Thinking Visible” to all the staff. There were three routines namely Chalk Talk, Generate, Sort, Connect & Elaborate as well as Headline which were shared to the staff and a lot of hands-on activities were infused at the same time.

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Sharing by Our Principal

To mark the session, our Principal, Mr Chee gave an opening address on the T&L Framework, “The Big Rocks” as well as the Professional Development Journey (2014-2017). After which the T&L Committee came on board to continue to share three out of the twenty one routines to all the staff.

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Mr Chee on the “The Big Rocks”

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T&L Framework & PD Journey (2014-2017)

The staff were all seated in groups and they participated at all the different junctures when the three routines were introduced at intervals. Everyone contributed in giving their ideas and opinions about the routines. 

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Staff fully engaged throughout the whole session

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An example compiled by the T&L Comm on the different routines

There were also small group discussion for everyone to discuss on how they can apply and modify in their own teaching practise.

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To end off the T&L Session 2, our Vice Principal, Mr Tan concluded the T&L session by consolidating the day’s learning points with a very meaningful video and reinforced on the points on making thinking visible in the classroom whenever we can so that effective learning can take place and every child can experience the joy of learning at the end of the day.

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An example compiled by the T&L Comm on the different routines

Through the session, the staff had a great learning experience and were fully engaged as there were lots of discussion brainstorming among everyone which made the whole T&L Session 2 a very enriching and fruitful one!

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Sharing by Our Vice Principal, Mr Tan 
to all the staff on the reinforcement of Making Thinking Visible