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SOAR and Campfire 2017

In 2017, our orientation programme (SOAR) has adopted the official slogan “We Are One”. This theme was introduced last year to provide our Sec 1 students with a SENSE OF BELONGING and to TAKE PRIDE in joining the new WGS family. This year, our focus is summed up by the Hawaiian word “OHANA”, which simply means “Family”.


The 2 days of SOAR sessions gave the students a glimpse of what Woogrove has been proud of. During the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) sessions, students created interesting objects that could be easily re-moulded into other shapes.


 An opportunity was given to them to give back to the community during the Life Long Learning Programme (LLP) where the students packed Chinese New Year goodie bags for the elderly. In the Art segments, students used their painted handprints to create and decorate a portion of the “We Are One” banner, which was given to each class.


Thursday, 5 January, marked the start of the camp segment with the exciting theme “Power Rangers”. Divided according to the colours of the characters, students cheered, battled out in games and along the way forged new friendships within the class and across the cohort. Games were engineered to help students forge friendships easily.


The camp concluded with a campfire on the last night and all the 7 classes and even the Orientation Group Leaders and Student Leaders showcased their high spirits through the different dance performances, cheers and songs. 


Finally, the Sec 1 students were initiated as a Woodgrove member through the singing of the song “We are Woodgrovers”.

SOAR & Campfire 2017
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