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Racial Harmony Day 2017

The theme for Racial Harmony Day 2017 is titled ‘The Singapore Way’ . The NE Committee chose to commemorate it in our own special way by planning a 3 day mini celebration prior to the actual day of 21st July 2017. During assembly period on these 3 days, we had a variety of activities and songs to capture the spirit of the event and instill in Woodgrovers, a sense of racial harmony and nationhood.

The first day of the celebration started with an opening speech by our very own Mr Nazri that highlighted the significance of Racial Harmony Day. This was followed by a delightful performance of an ethnic song by our group of talented students from the Chinese Orchestra.

The second day of celebrations began with a poetry recital titled ‘Say NO to Racism’ by our very own soccer boys Jing Wei and Siva. This was followed by a performance by a trio of lower secondary Chinese students who sang a Malay song.

 We also had a stunning item by our very own resident singer Ms Mardiana, who donned a qipao and sang the evergreen hit “The Moon Represents My Heart” in Mandarin.

On the third and actual Racial Harmony Day, we a had a unique segment whereby two lower students with a mixed-race background came forward to share their interesting experience of living in a mixed-race family environment. To hype up the event, we also had a spectacular performance by our very own Dancoelogy, which provided a vibrant close to the assembly segment.

On top of the morning celebrations, we also organised a mini ‘food tasting’ booth where students got the opportunity to sample food from different ethnic groups. Favourites like mua chee, ang ku kueh, satay, gulab jamun, muruku were featured at the booth. The festive mood was also heightened by  the staff and students who came in with their beautiful and unique traditional clothing.In all, we had a memorable and meaningful experience.