Aesthetic Night V

1st June 2016 has been a memorable night for many Woodgrovers, parents and alumni. It’s also a night where all WGS PArts groups showcased their talents and entertained the audience at Republic Polytechnic @ TRCC. 
The audience was well-entertained and the performers had a fantastic time. Despite the long practice sessions and gruelling rehearsals, all the hard word and sweat was worth it! 
The WGS Parents Support Group wowed the crowd with their rendition of the modern Zumba while our teachers mesmerised the audience with a song and hip hop dance. 

The Aesthetics Nite concerts have served as a good platform to get Woodgrovers, alumni and parents to mingle and bond with one another as a big happy family. 

WOODGROVE FAMILY! Once a Woodgrover, always a Woodgrover!  
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