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Values Inspired Project (Collaboration with Esplanade)

21 Sec 3 Art students have been selected to work on a Values Inspired Project (V.I.P) organised by Esplanade. The theme given was ‘Peace’, which translates in multitude of messages and meanings. Many of them believe that peace represents a harmonious co-existence; a world without war, chaos and destruction. The cladding artworks created by the students reflect their varied interpretation of peace.
V.I.P. is part of Esplanade's 10th anniversary celebrations. V.I.P. stands for Values Inspired Project and it aims to produce Values Inspired People. This project is all about inspiration! Esplanade is reaching out to students to inspire them to reflect upon and embrace values, such as courage, peace, faith, fun, trust, friendship, truth, harmony, hope, grace, home, service, love, respect, passion, joy and gratitude, through the process of creating a piece of art. 34 creative expressions of the values will be exhibited at Esplanade over the course of 2012.