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Twinning Programme – Visit by Shanghai Jianping Experimental School (China)

On 3rd and 4th July 2012, Woodgrove Secondary School hosted visitors from the Shanghai Jianping Experimental School (China).  The hosting of the Twinning Programme was aimed at providing Woodgrovers with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Chinese Language and Literature, History and the Culture of China.   Furthermore, it was a platform to establish links between schools in Singapore and in Shanghai, China.  Additionally, it was aimed at fostering and raising our students’ interest in Chinese language and culture and to prepare them for the challenges of a globalised world.


Jianping students with our school leaders

Exchange of gifts between WGS and Shanghai Jianping Experimental School


Our Twinning School, Shanghai Jianping Experimental School was on their sixth visit to Woodgrove Secondary School from 29 June 2012 to 4 July 2012. During this trip, we hosted 22 students and 3 teachers from the school.


Mr Toh, Ms Chong and 30 selected Sec 2E/3E students were involved in the hosting of our Jianping guests.


Students from our Chinese Orchestra and Jianping Experimental School put up a mini concert to welcome and say, “Hello!”  and learn about each other on the first day.


During their six days here, Jianping students were introduced to Singapore’s history and educational system and were exposed to the different cultures in Singapore.  During the Design & Technology lessons, they were exposed to basic designing skills and they learnt how to make a model car in order to compete in the WGS F1 Race. They also had the opportunity to join our students in the Maths Amazing Race where they explored the different Mathematics concepts. The Jianping students were also impressed with our school’s effort in environmental education.  They were taught how to fold grasshoppers using leaves. With the introduction of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and tea egg, the Jianping students learnt basic skills on how to heal themselves using tonic soup and tea egg. The Jianping students were also introduced to a Malay cultural dance and Malay handicrafts.


Students enjoying themselves during the Maths Amazing Race

D&T F1 race lesson in action by Mr Kumar, Mr Maniam and Mr Goh


Mr Jonathan briefing the students on the rules of basketball games

Ms Lim Bin, Mdm Teo, Mdm Samsiyah and green activists students taught the students how to fold grasshoppers in the ‘Green’ way


Students learn about basic TCM knowledge and how to prepare tea egg from Mr Ng

Ms Farrah teaching the students how to make ‘bungga manggar’


On the whole, it was a positive and enriching learning experience for both the Jianping students and our Woodgrovers. All in all, our students gained some insights into the culture and lifestyle of their friends from overseas - a uniquely Singapore experience.


The Jianping students also visited the newly opened “Gardens at the Bay” and experienced the rich plant biodiversity of South East Asia as they strolled in the super park - a fusion of nature, art and technology. For the cultural activities segment, they visited Little India and learnt about the various festivals and traditions, the dances as well as practices of the Indian community. Many students found the Indian “henna” art interesting and they all went home happily with some designs which they had created themselves. They also tasted some popular local delights like Bak Kut Teh, Ah Kun Toast etc.