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Total Defence Day 2012

In line with the school’s theme for 2012, ‘Connexion’, and the Total Defence Day theme, ‘It’s My Turn’, the oNE Sub-committee aims to empower the students with greater ownership in promoting National Education as well as to create meaningful bonds with our stakeholders.



To ENGAGE our students, the oNE Sub-committee organized an exhibition entitled, ‘Step Up! It's My Turn’. The lower secondary students prepared a booth for each of the five aspects of Total Defence at the school hall. With the help of the NE Ambassadors from each class, the exhibits took different forms, such as posters, banners, board games and models. The Uniformed Groups also played their part in educating students on safety and first aid as part of Civil Defence awareness.


To ENTHUSE our students and to raise awareness that everyone has a part to play in Total Defence, all students and staff participated in the "Bring Your Own Container Day". The scenario was that water supply had been cut off and there was very little water left to wash the utensils in the canteen. Hence, students had to bring their own containers. In addition, the Secondary 1 students were given bookmarks to express their thoughts on the five defence pillars while the Secondary 2 students wrote messages to thank our war heroes and forefathers for their contribution to nation building and keeping our country safe.  


In order to EXPERIENCE how it was like in times of war when resources were constrained and electricity was available only at certain times, power supply was cut off from 7.20 to 8.15 am on Total Defence Day itself. Staff and students alike shared that they truly appreciate the current comforts in life that are available to them. In addition, for the first time, the WGS Choir and Symphonic Band took the lead to perform the National Anthem. Students from the Uniformed Groups came forward to lead in reciting the National Pledge. Besides this, WGS staff also experienced war-time food as they were treated to sweet potato and tapioca soup. All staff also expressed what Total Defence meant to them in heart-shaped cards which were displayed at the exhibition in the hall.


This year, the commemoration of Total Defence Day provided us with more opportunities for collaboration with our stakeholders. The school collaborated with the Esplanade on the ‘Values Inspired Project’ (V.I.P), where students and staff meaningfully expressed their thoughts about key human values on post-cards called the V.I.P. Reflections.




The school also collaborated with the Ministry of Information, Communication and Arts (MICA), National Heritage Board (NHB) and the Singapore History Consultants (SHC), in which the Secondary 3 students participated in the Resilience Walk 2012, ‘Temasek Trail: Story of a Nation’. Launched to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Fall of Singapore, the trail which started at Fort Canning Hill, provided our students with precious nuggets of Singapore’s history and World War II. As the students visited the war markers and historical landmarks, they discovered how resilient our forefathers were in building our nation.


Through this collective effort, we hope to instil in our students a sense of pride in Singapore’s history as well as remind our students not to take our nation’s peace for granted and that everyone has a part to play in Total Defence.