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Teacher-Led Culinary Workshop - Pastry Dough Making


Ms Adila and Mrs Priscilla Ong conducted a Teacher-Led Culinary workshop under CPDD and Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) for the Nutrition and Food Science fraternity on 14 September 2012.  There were a total of 19 Food and Nutrition teachers from different schools who attended the workshop. Through the hands-on session, they were taught the skills to prepare volavent pastry and there was a mini competition for participants to present their dish.

Our judges; Mdm Masayu and Mrs Stella Goh had to assess the creativity of dish, aesthetic appeal and appearance of pastry. The top prize was our Woodgrove Recipe book and we managed to promote and sold some recipe books during the workshop. Participants were given a certificate upon completion of the workshop.

Through the feedback forms, we will glad that the participants learnt the skills in pastry making and most importantly, they enjoyed the workshop.  Some feedback from participants included, ‘Well done! I will definitely teach my students how to prepare this pastry!’, ‘Interesting and engaging!’  It was an enriching experience for the teachers and some teachers are looking to another workshop next year.