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Staff Retreat June

The theme of our June staff retreat this year is, “Woklife Excellence”.  This theme aided in our bid to promote work-life excellence amongst our staff. The event was divided into three segments in which the staff put on their ‘Master Chef’ hats to whip up a storm from the ingredients provided to them. They had to come up with interesting names for the dishes that they prepared, based on  the school values, such as,  ‘Resilient Rice’ in conjunction with the school value: Resilience. ‘Digni-fried Tofu’ (school value: Dignity) and ‘Res-PASTA-ble’ school value: Responsibility).  Each group was also given a watermelon and they had to carve a sculpture personifying, ‘ConneXion’. Extra ingredients could be ‘earned’ through a fun-filled game in which the groups could ‘buy’ the ingredients they needed through a simple auction.




The air was filled laughter and the fragrance from the sumptuous dishes pervaded the air.  It was indeed a fantastic time which saw one and all, the teachers, School Advisory Board members, Parent Support Group and Alumni connecting with each other.