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Singapore Red Cross Flag Day 2012

The objective of the Singapore Red Cross Flag Day is to raise funds for local humanitarian work services such as the Red Cross Home for the Disabled and the Red Cross Non-Ambulance Service. It also aims to fund prescribed programmes to prepare volunteers who will render timely assistance to victims of disasters, both locally and overseas as and when the need arises. Participation in the Red Cross Flag Day provides an opportunity for students to learn self-motivation, compassion and humility. 


Group photo of 23 RCY cadets with Mr Thng Guan Heng


Woodgrove’s Red Cross Youth (RCY) has done three phases of donation for the Singapore Red Cross Society and they are:


1)         a tin can donation from 11th Jan to 20th Jan 2012 within the school

2)         a donation card collection from 11th Jan to 2nd Feb 2012

3)         a Flag Day on 11th Feb 2012 where funds were solicited from members

           of the public


On the morning of 11th Feb 2012, 23 Red Cross Cadets gathered at Admiralty Secondary School to collect the donation tins cans, stickers and the certificate necessary to solicit funds in public places.  A briefing was held to educate students on the basic etiquette when approaching members of the public.


Students collecting the tins cans

Excited students and getting ready to

approach the member of the public 



Teacher's positive demonstration to students

Student interacting with members of the public

for donation to Singapore Red Cross Society