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Sec 1NT and 2NT Experiential Learning Trip to Army Museum

In our efforts to enhance the learning experience of Normal Technical (NT) students, the NT sub-committee organised an Experiential Learning Trip for the Sec 1 and 2 NT students to the Army Museum on 23 February 2012. The objective of this trip was to learn how SAF contributes to Total Defence.


A group shot of elated Woodgrovers


During the trip, the students were given a good introduction to the “Army Experience.” They were engaged in various activities which included a hands-on session on army equipment such as the SAR 21 rifle, during a shooting simulation.  Students also learnt the art of camouflaging their faces with green and black paint.  Students participated in a mini Standard Obstacle Course (SOC), and were treated to a tour of the awe-inspiring SAFTI Military Institute (SAFTI MI).  After that, they experienced a thrilling 4D Show which depicted a war time scenario. Everyone enjoyed themselves, while learning more about Total Defence. There were even a few students who expressed interest in signing on with the Army!


Student trying Combat rations SAR 21 rifle shooting simulation


Student clearing mini standard obstacle course

Student trying camouflaging




Through these events, students gained a better understanding of basic military training in the SAF and their roles in Total Defence.