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Science Fun Day 2012

In this interesting Science activity and fun-filled day, students will learn about Science in a more in depth and interesting way in that they can enhance their learning experience. The aim is to expose students to new Science grounds to enhance their knowledge in the different aspects of Science as a subject. This is an annual event held by the Science Department every year.


In this programme, students will go to different venues according to the selected Science activity.  They will undergo a briefing on the safety aspects of the activity and will learn the fundamental skills needed to execute the activity, prior to the practical session. Points will be held at the end of each activity and prizes will be awarded to winners.3E3, 3E4, 3N1 and 3N2 students and all science teachers are involved.


Hey watch where you are rubbing The Sllliiimmmeee Thing


We have our DNA


The students were led on an adventure in which they were exposed to fun-filled activities meant to link the different scientific disciplines together. The students enjoyed themselves in the hands-on sessions and they looked forward to more of such activities. There were students who later asked questions actively during the Q & A session and it was evident through the survey that some of these students are interested in knowing more about the Sciences.


The activities’ names are:

1)    We are under attack! (held in parade square)

2)    Applying medical attention (Held in ITR2)

3)    Sticking in the debris (held in AVA room)

4)    DNA Testing (Held in Bio Lab 1)

5)    Slime attack! (Held in Chemistry Lab 1)


This event is the combined effort of a team of dedicated teachers who are passionate about Science and wanted to bring the enjoyment of Science learning to another higher level.


We LOVE Science Fun Day!