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Racial Harmony Food Fiesta

On the morning of the 18th of July, the whole school was bubbling with joy and talk of the exciting morning programme which included a Prize Presentation for some Racial Harmony Activities as well as an Ethnic Costume Competition in the Parade Square. 


Gearing up for the event

Sharing tips with the young...


In another part of the school near the Food Labs, there was laughter, joy and talk as the parents from the Parent Support Group make preparations and cooked food for the Racial Harmony Food Fiesta. Not only was the talk on the various ethnic food like Thosai, Nasi Lemak, Halal Wanton Noodles, Mee Goreng, Satay and Bread and Butter Pudding, it was also focused on catching up the latest with everyone in the family.


Menu for the day... Yummy!


As the aroma wafted into the corridors, many students as well as teachers were attracted to the location of the Racial Harmony Food Booths. Happy faces jammed up the venue long before the Fiesta commenced which is scheduled to receive its first customer only at 9.15 am. They had to be persuaded to continue to make their way back to their classrooms.


This year’s theme for Racial Harmony Day is “People, Places, Memories”.  For the parents they decided on the dress code to be “Kampong Style “. As they don the ‘Mak Cik Baju’ it evokes many fond memories of the Kampong Life in the olden days.


 Beautiful “Mak Cik’ with glorious food…


One cannot help but marvel at how well the parents worked together as a team, literally portraying the Kampong Spirit. With the variety of the spread of ethnic food the students and teachers found it difficult to make their choices on the food they want to eat.  As they wanted everything that is there, most decided to buy and share so that they can have a taste of all things tasty and good.


Thumbs Up for the Food!  Thumbs up for the PSG!


For the more popular food like the satay, one cannot see the end of the queue but everyone in the queue waited patiently for their food.  For the young ones they were introduced to the iced lollies which were different from the present day ice cream.  At the start there was hesitation but with the testimony of the parents and those who daringly tried it, the ice lollies were soon gone.


By noon, most of the food was sold out and some who came back for a second round were disappointed.  As the parents packed up for the day, happy not only that they have played a part in educating our Woodgrovers on our cultural heritage but also that they have helped raised some funds for our needy Woodgrovers. The parents reviewed the day’s happenings and suggested new ideas for next year.  What a Celebration! Truly Kampong Style with a ‘Homey’ feeling.



What a spread! Sharing hearts, minds and spirit!